We're glad you asked! Front Porch Jubilee is a ministry that aims to help folks learn about God's love. FPJ hopes to put a song in your heart, make you smile and get you to think. And we hope along the way you get to know your neighbors, your church and yourself a little bit more through the teachings of Jesus and the scripture.


Front Porch Jubilee welcomed our church family into the warm, fun environment of an old time radio broadcast. We brought our cares and worries with us into the sanctuary and when we left 30 minutes later we were revived, happy and full of the Spirit. I grinned from the time they got started until they sang the last note! Thank you Mark and Tim. You exceeded my every expectation! God bless you both in your ministry!

Mary Ann Gilbert
Director of Program Ministries
Alpharetta First UMC

Dear Friends-

I wanted to let everyone know about a performance I saw last week at my church that was fantastic! Front Porch Jubilee (or FPJ for short) is a down home, toe tapping good time with its focus on celebrating life as a child of God. New and old believers alike laughed out loud and thoroughly enjoyed the show! The FPJ fellows told stories, performed songs and had sing-a-longs. What I really liked was how FPJ created the feel of an old time radio broadcast complete with a front porch set! It was almost like Andy  Griffith  meets Prairie Home Companion  centered on God's love for each of us there!

The two gentlemen behind Front Porch Jubilee are Mark Fallis and Timothy Price. Both are active members of North Springs UMC. If you need a 30-60 minute  program that everyone can enjoy (they'll work with you on the length  of the show to best suit your needs!)  I strongly encourage you to get in touch with Mark or Tim and have them over to your place. I know we'll certainly have them back!

Linda Weber
North Springs UMC & Atlanta-Roswell District UMC Administrator

I would also recommend  this program. Tim Price was lead guitarist for Banks and Shane and I have taken lessons from him. He can play guitar and mandolin very well, which is important, but not as important as the message they deliver.

Great show, great people, Greater God!

J W Baldwin